Click to visit the Boating Bookshop!
Click to visit the Boating Bookshop!

Best boating books, videos, CD's

Below you'll find a listing of the best nautical bookshops. Perfect for the armchair sailors...

Links to boating bookshops

Bennett Marine
Marine videos: Powerboating, sailing, fishing, and more.

Nautical books, charts (also electronic) and much more. Extensive online catalog.

Boating Bookshop
Excellent collection of boating books, videos and magazines at low prices: Boatbuilding, Cruising, Narratives, Navigation, Paddling, Powerboating, Sailing, Racing, Seamanship - plus an online gift shop and the featured Book of the Month.

Boating Bookstore
European sister site of the Boating Bookshop, offering exactly the same books, only shipped out of England instead of the US. This means lower prices and faster delivery for European buyers.

Boating books, videos, and much more. Lowest prices on the Internet guaranteed.

Fernhurst Books
Sailing books from England. Many titles available, with cover photos and excerpts on this Web site.

Magic Lamp's boating videopage
Instructional videos on Sailing, Powerboating, Fishing, Coastal Piloting, Celestial Navigation, Cruising and other nautical topics.

Pier Books, Inc.
Books for shipmodel builders and those interested in "the evolution of the ship".

The Mariner's Museum
Very interesting online exhibitions as well as books to buy. You can even join friends of the museum on excursions world wide.

The Nautical Mind
They stock more than 3,000 nautical books, videos, and charts. Large online catalog.

Links to general bookshops
Three million titles to choose from, thousands of them boating related. CD's and DVD's also. Gift wrapping, secure online ordering, world wide shipping. What more can you ask for? Click their link and bookmark the page, because you'll be using it time and time again!
Amazon is now present in Europe as well! Introducing lower prices and faster delivery for Europeans... Enter and bookmark!

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Salty Seas
One of several essential boating sites at