Marine electronics

Like it or not, you can't do without them. All these little gadgets we use that can be so essential to safety, comfort and/or performance. But would Cristobal Colon (funny how he came to be known as Columbus) ever have discovered America if he set sail under the control of a GPS and autopilot?

Links to marine electronics sites

Navigation software specialists.

Radars, fish finders, GPS, plotters, Loran-C, autopilots, Navtex, weather fax, VHF radios and transceivers, and commercial grade radar, sonar and sounder systems...what more could you possible want?

You never need to be lost again. Not with a Garmin GPS.

Lowrance Marine Products
The GlobalMap GPS/plotter series, and more.

A leading company in GPS systems and satellite communication.

Naval Electronics, Inc.
Marine TV antennas.

The company behind the Autohelm, Raymarine, Raytheon and Apelco products. Pretty much everything in marine electronics.

Always on the cutting edge of marine electronics. Has now also acquired Navico.

Trimble Marine
The GPS specialsts, with an exceptionally wide range of products.

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