Sailing hardware

If you have ever bought a sailboat, you'll know that that is not the end of it. Even on a top quality boat, the wear and tear will soon have you needing replacements. Not to speak of if you're racing - then having the right equipment is essential if you are going to be contender to be reckoned with.

Below you'll find the household names of sailing hardware listed. Among others.

Links to sailing hardware sites

Antal Marine Equipment
Innovative Italian supplier of sailing hardware.

CDI - Cruising Design, Inc.
Known mostly for their roller furling equipment.

Navigation equipment - and we're not talking GPS here.

Exactly: Clams and cleats.

Hall Spars
Well known sparring partner for sailors.

Harken Yacht Equipment
Certainly one of the household names.

Hood Yacht Systems
Roller furling systems and much more.

You don't have to do much sailing to come across their winches.

Mast Mate
A safer way to the top.

Maxwell Winches
A major competitor...

Meissner Winches.
...and another one.

Ronstan Sailing Systems
Cleats and shackles and swivels and blocks and...more.

Scanmar International
Wind vanes for self steering

Schaefer Marine
Famous for their roller furling headsail systems.

Leading producer of masts and the Furlex roller furling systems.

Marine water systems.

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