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Inflatable boats and liferafts

Inflatable boats have become extremely popular. They are the natural choice for many as yacht tenders - an excellent way to get ashore when anchored off, or to go on small excursions. But they are much more versatile than that. They can be used for watersports such as waterskiing, as diving boats, rescue vessels, for rafting. And yes, you can even put a rig on them and sail them..!

It is probably only a question before someone completes the first circumnavigation in a RIB. By a Frenchman, probably, as they always seem to be on the cutting edge of boating madness.

Many producers of inflatable boats also make life rafts. You need not venture far off shore before this is an essential item as well!


Major manufacturer of inflatable boats with a very informative Web site.

Avon Marine
Leading producer offering a wide range of inflatable boats, and also liferafts. Curiously, they claim to be holding the world record for survival in a liferaft - 117 days!

Ocean Technical Services, Inc. The Ocean Sprint range of RHIBS.

Sea Eagle
Producer of inflatable boats for motoring, rowing, rafting, and yacht tending. Then there's the Fun tube..

The undisputed champion of the inflatable boatworld, with a Web site to match. Life rafts too.

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