Almost every boating magazine with a little self respect has a Web site up and running. Unfortunately, for quite a few, their idea of a Web site is an advertisement with a cover picture and subscription information. How boring! It is safe to say that a lot of boating magazines are not dealing well at all with the competition and opportunities inherent in the Web. Here are some excellent exceptions:

Links to boating magazines

48 North
US sailing magasine.

Boats For Sale Magazine
...and links to a host of other "For-sale" Web sites and magazines by Freedom House Publishers.

Catamaran Sailor's Magazine
Extensive site relating to catamaran sailing and sailing in general.

Cruising World and Sailing World Magazines
Definitely essential, with both scope and depth. The Web site design is another story.

DIY Boat Owner
Quarterly magazine for those who like to do it themselves. Lots of practical advice on their Web site also.

Living Aboard Magazine
Quite a few interesting articles etc. to be found here.

Multihulls World
English version of a French magazine.

Multihulls Magazine
Covering most topics related to multihulls.

English version of an Italian magazine. Excellent site.

Trawler and ocean motorboat magazine. Could do with some more editorial stuff on their Web site...

Points East
The Gulf of Maine cruising magazine.

SpinSheet Magazine
Online version of an Annapolis MD cruising/racing magazine. Extensive used sailboat reviews, among many other things.

Yachting and Boating World
Whoa! Not all magazines are dumbfounded by the Web. The electronic home of Yachting World, Motor Boat & Yacthing, Practical Boatowner, and Yachting Monthly is aweinspiring. Look and behold!

Yachts and Yachting
UK Magazine covering all sides of yacht racing.

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