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Essential Boating on the WEB

Essential Boating on the WEB: Your starting point for boating on the Net!

Welcome to the index featuring the best boating links on the Internet! You might just as well bookmark this page now, because from here you can explore the Net for hours and hours - no matter if your main interest is sailing or powerboats, safety issues or salty stories. You may be looking to buy something, to compare products and offers, to learn more, or simply browsing. We have what you are looking for: Several hundred essential sites are already listed, and we are growing rapidly. You can safely let us be your starting point for boating on the WEB!

There are quite a few resources with boating links out there, so what makes this one special? For one thing, we do not try to link to everything that is boating related (we'd rather provide the link to the best of those who do). Though this may sound like a good idea at first, it is a huge task, and you are likely to quickly end up with a high percentage of dead links. But even more important is the quality issue: Do you really need to spend more time browsing boring sites with horrible graphics, trying to find what you are looking for?

We think not, so we've done it for you. And in the process we have linked to all the quality sites we've found: Well designed pages with useful information. If there are exceptions, it would be because they are too important to miss: If Volvo Penta marine engines or Whitbread Around the World Race or Beneteau made terrible WEB sites, they'd still be essential as world leaders in what they do. Fortunately, they all made excellent sites, which you will of course find listed here, with hundreds of others.

If you want to suggest a site for listing, we'd love to hear from you. Please send us an email , and we'll very soon pay a visit to the site in question. However, please note that we 1) only link the best Web sites, and 2) sites that are of general interest. Also, due to the staggering amount of emails we receive, we are not answering all suggestions that are not included. However, you will hear from us if your suggested site is linked.

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Salty Seas
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