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Ah, don't we love those salty stories! Circumnavigations are well featured in this section, but there is so much more...


At Sea - a Virtual Voyage Around the World
Look and behold, all you prospective and defacto circumnavigators wanting to make a Web site. This is the one to beat. And if that proves a daunting prospect, why not simply enjoy this wonderful piece of storytelling in words, sights and sounds?

Baba BarAnn Around the Pacific Ocean
A Seattle couple leave their jobs to go cruising on their 40' cutter. During their two year, 15,000 mile adventure, they sail to Mexico, many South Pacific islands, New Zealand, and then beat back home against the trade winds via the Cook Islands and Hawaii.

Cruiser Log
Follow cruising yachts and their crews around the world.

Cruise the Sea of Cortez
If you are going to do what the title implies, check this here Web site out first. Very informative and well designed.

Karen Thorndike and "Amelia"
Meet the first American female to circumnavigate the world the hard way: South of the five capes.

Out on the Salty Seas
Sailing the Greek isles - a travelogue in text, image and sound. A highly awarded Web site, and one of few boating sites to be listed in the Point/Lycos Top 5% catalog.

Sailing Around the World Out of Bonds
Great Web presentation of three men's adventures sailing around the world.

Sailing the Atlantic, Cruising the Caribbean
The story of "Avalon of Arne" and her crew.

The Real "Perfect Storm"
First, if you haven't read "The Perfect Storm" already, you have missed one of the most riveting salty reads ever published. A mediocre movie with featuring dialogue that makes you cringe on behalf of Hollywood was also made. These are pictures from the US Coast Guard rescue operation during the real thing.

This site features several salty stories, including "Around Vancouver island"; Something out of the ordinary - and beautiful photos of the adventure.

The Schurmann Family's Adventures
Whimsical, confusing, difficult to navigate - and simply wonderful.

Salty books!

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ã Salty Seas
One of several essential boating sites at