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Also known as USENET - and use it you should. This is the perfect place for discussion, though sometimes inhabitated by know-it-alls and selfappointed newsgroup police who are always telling people about how they were born into this newsgroup in the early days of the Net. Don't let them scare you away - if you have questions you need answered, the newsgroups are much more useful than the Web. So don't miss out on this very important source of information!

How well the links below works for you depends both on the software installed on your computer, how it is configured, and whether or not your ISP carries the group in question. As boating is a very popular subject, and the newsgroups below the essential ones on this subject, chances are you'll be OK the first time you point and click...

Links to newsgroups
Everything on the subject of boats and boating.
The place to be if you are interested in boat construcition and related topics.
The what, where, how and when of cruising.
Discussion of marine electronics
Buy or sell anything boating related. As this is a moderated newsgroup, you cannot post directly, but need to mail your postings to
The newsgroup for paddlers
Ditto, only more centered on the UK paddling scene.
Discussion of yacht racing

UK based sailing newsgroup

Boating on UK waterways.

All sailing related topics

Originally the newsgroup for American Sailing Association, but these days seems to be simply about sailing in general.
Seeking a crew, or want to crew on someone else's boat?

More on boating

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ã Salty Seas
One of several essential boating sites at