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Safety and Seamanship

Being out at sea is much safer than driving through the downtown traffic. Sites like these help make it so.

Links to boating safety and seamanship sites

Animated Knots
Now the Web design etc. leaves a lot to be desired, but the simple coolness (and usefulness) of this site...

Boating Safety and Online Boating Courses
Boating books, videos, and much more. Lowest prices on the Internet guaranteed.

Boat/US Online Safety Course
It's free, it's useful, it's recommended - and you can even get a certificate!

Flags that boat Bulgarian or from the Phillipines, and is it fishing or carrying dangerous explosives..? Now you'll know what those flags mean!

National Safe Boating Council
"190 US and Canadian organizations, all with an interest in boating safety and education." You should also check out the newsletter "Anchor line".

"The only self-righting rigid liferafts in the world." Not something you want mounted on your 20 ft daycruiser, but definitely something to consider on larger seagoing vessels.

Safe Boating Resource Center
And a resourceful one too.

The Foundation for Safe Boating and Marine Information, Inc.
Presenting the "Water Watch" and "Teach & Take a Kid" programs. For the New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut states - but surely ideas worth introducing elsewhere as well?

US Coast Guard Office of Boating Safety
Some useful information here, though they might work on the presentation skills...

More on boating safety and seamanship

You will find some excellent on topic books at the Boating Bookshop

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ã Salty Seas
One of several essential boating sites at