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Yes, when you bought your boat, it had sails on it. But even good sails don't last half as long as your boat. That's if your cruising. If you're racing, they might not last longer than a race. Very bad things happen to sails while racing...

Links to sailmakers

Cruising Direct
Economy range of sails manufactured by North Sails.

Crusader Sails
Another UK supplier of inexpensive sails.

Doyle Sailmakers
Among the best known sailmakers in the world.

Elvström Sails
Another worldwide leader in sailmaking.

Halsey Lidgard Sailmakers
Very reputable sailmakers.

Hyde Sails
These successful UK sails have been in production since 1965.

Kemp Sails
UK sailmakers offering everything from racing sails to the inexpensive "Telesails" range.

North Sails One Design
Custom sails from one of the world's definitive leaders.

North Sails
Hugely successful sailmaking company.

Phillips Sails Australia
Family run sailmaking business in Australia, responsible for the production and sail management of Paul Cayard's AmericaOne yacht.

Rather do some (or all) of it yourself? Here's the world's largest sail kit provider.

Shore Sails
US sailmakers with innovative racing and cruising sails.

Sobstad Sailmakers
Racing and cruising sails.

UK-Halsey Sailmakers
Leading sailmakers with 30+ lofts worldwide.

Ullman Sails International
A full range of racing and cruising sails are offered by close to 20 Ullman sail lofts world wide.

Finnish sailmarkers with a comprehensive sail program and an informatiove Web site.

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