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For many, there is still some mystery surrounding "the art of sailing". And maybe more than a few of us who think we master "the art" try to keep it that way, when the truth is that basic sailing is very easy. Easy to do, and easy to learn. You can teach yourself to be a decent sailor, even a good one, step by step. However, a sailing school is likely to take you there much faster.

Too bad then, that many sailing schools seem to be a "mom & pop" operation, with very few boats and instructors. One of each is not uncommon. Not to mention that they have some of the most horribly-looking boating sites on the Net (it beats us why, and a change would be very welcome). Fortunately, there are exceptions:

Links to sailing schools

American Sailing Association
No, they are not a sailing school, but much more. However, they approve sailing schools, and on their site, you are likely to find one listed that is close to you. If you are in the US, that is.

Bay of Islands Sailing School
Well made site about learning to sail in these popular sailing grounds.

Blue Water Sailing School
Based in Fort Lauderdale, FL, with an extensive range of courses. Also yacht chartering with Dufour and Catalina yachts.

Chapman School of Seamanship
Maritime school in Florida.

Cooper Boating Center
Sailing school and charter operation based in Canada. Very nice Web site.

Mariner Sailing School
The largest full time sailing school in the Washington D.C. area.

Offshore Sailing School
US sailing school, also teaching in the British Virgin islands.

The Royal Yachting Association is not a sailing school, but a body that, among other things, approves sailing schools in the UK and elsewhere. They have a listing of schools on their site that you can use to find something in your area.

Upper Bay Sailing School, Inc.
ASA sailing courses in the Chesapeake Bay and the British Virgin Islands.

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