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Navigation books

If you have ever been surprised by bad weather, and soon found that wherever you were was not close to where you should have know it is a terrible feeling. Compare that to the satisfaction of "roughing it" out at sea, knowing where you are going, knowing what you are doing.

While GPS, Loran, radar, autopilots and other aids have made things very easy for us, it is important to remember that they are only aids. Don't trust electronics with your life - trust yourself, and the time-honed methods of traditional navigation.

Recommended navigation books

Basic Coastal Navigation: An Introduction to Piloting
Emphasizes traditional navigation, but also covers the modern methods through electronic aids.

Boater's Bowditch: The Small-Craft American Practical Navigator

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US navigation reference for pleasure boaters.

Boat Navigation for the Rest of Us: Finding Your Way by Eye and Electronics

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Excellent primer for the recreational boater.

Celestial Navigation for Yachtsmen

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Many would-be celestial navigators find books on the subject intimidating and very hard to grasp. This little book shows that doesn't need to be the case!

The Last Navigator: A Young Man, An Ancient Mariner, the Secrets of the Sea

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Definitely not a "How to"-book, but an intriguing story about how Steve Thomas set out to Micronesia, searching for an answer to how the people on these islands from ancient times have been able to navigate without the use of maps or compass.

The Sextant Handbook: Adjustment, Repair, Use, and History

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All you need to know about the sextant - and more.

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