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Paddling books

Long before the motor, long before the sail, there was the oar and the paddle. And there still is...more popular now than ever.

Recommended paddling books

Building a Strip Canoe: Easy Step-By-Step Instructions and Patterns for 5 Canoe Models
Best seller on the subject. Easy to follow, with good designs.

Building Your Kevlar Canoe: A Foolproof Method and Three Foolproof Designs
Canoes are among the easiest boats to build, and kevlar has a lot of advantages as building material. This books makes a good case for both, and you can build straight from the book.

Canoe Camping: An Introductory Guide
A very useful read both for the novice and - despite the title - the more seasoned paddler.

Canoe Racing: The Competitor's Guide to Marathon and Downriver Canoe Racing
Got stamina? Here's a whole new way to put it to good use!

Idleness, Water, and a Canoe: Reflections on Paddling for Pleasure
" once a memoir, a history, a practical guide, and an academic analysis..."

Paddling Basics: Canoeing
This great guide for beginners was published in April '98 and may very well be a new classic on the subject.

The Canoe Handbook: Techniques for Mastering the Sport of Canoeing
An excellent primer for those who are just starting out. Well illustrated.


Complete Sea Kayak Touring
If you have the basic kayaking skills, but are thinking of doing some more serious adventuring, then this is the book you've been looking for.

Fundamentals of Kayak Navigation
A lot can be said about kayaks, but there are boats that are considerably more forgiving if you get lost at sea. This book tells you all you need to know to avoid that ever happening to you.

Kayak Cookery: A Handbook of Provisions and Recipes
Are you one of the many that find that the hardest part of planning a canoe or kayak camping trip is deciding on food. And no matter what you do, you know you'll still end up missing one or two essential ingredients... Well, then here's the answer!

Kayak: The Animated Manual of Intermediate and Advanced Whitewater Techinque
By far the funniest kayaking tutorial every written. Read the readers' critiques!

Paddle to the Arctic: The Incredible Story of a Kayak Quest Across the Roof of the World
It can be hard to distinguish between madness and bravery, and I am not sure this book will help you draw the line. It is an impressive feat, though.

Sea Kayaker's Deep Trouble: True Stories and Their Lessons From Sea Kayaker Magazine
If you are looking for motivational literature to help you finally get going with some serious sea kayaking...well, this may not be the book for you! But if you are already addicted, either to sea kayaking or simply to a spine-chilling read, then you are in for a treat!

The Essential Sea Kayaker: A Complete Course for the Open-Water Paddler
If you are only just starting out as a sea kayaker (or intend to do so), this is definitely the book to start with. Comprehensive, yet easy to follow, and very well illustrated.

The Strip-Built Sea Kayak: Three Rugged, Beautiful Boats You Can Build
Learn to do it the right way by professional kayak builder Nick Schade. This is a well illustrated, non-technical book that delivers on its promise.

Touring in Your Sea Kayak (Nuts N Bolts Guide)
To-the-point introduction to kayak touring. Not your one and only authoritative guide, but it covers the basics, and packs easily!

Travels With a Kayak
Very funny book featuring Whit Deschner and his kayak, paddling in Indonesia, Turkey, India, the US, Japan - and other countries!

Whitewater Kayaking
Primer covering all the basics.

Whitewater Rescue Manual: New Techniques for Canoeists, Kayakers, and Rafters
You can hope you'll never be in a situation where you need to know what is in this book. But it is much safer to be in the know! Excellent coverage of the subject, and a well illustrated book.

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