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Sailing is not difficult, though some who think they master "the noble art of sailing" love telling you it is! The truth is, you can go from knowing nothing to be a safe and decent sailor in a relatively short time, if you put some effort into it.

However, there are many facets to sailing - that is the beauty of it. And you will never ever know all you need to know about how to sail in order to bring the maximum perfomance out of your boat. You can always improve on your sailing skills. Here is some essential reading to help you on your way.

PS: If you are into racing, and want to learn the finer points of tactics, sail trimming etc., you'll find all you need in the "Racing" section.

Recommended sailing books

Fundamentals on Sailing, Cruising, and Racing
If you are only buying one book about sailing - this be the one!

Illustrated Sail & Rig Tuning
The best to-the-point book we've seen on the subject. Available in English and Scandinavian languages.

Learn to Sail
Four-time America's Cup winner Dennis Conner knows a thing or two about sailing. And in this book, he communicates it very well to the absolute beginner.

Sailing for Dummies
Humorous yet effective introduction to sailing.

The Complete Sailor: Learning the Art of Sailing
A great introduction to sailing, and very useful for the more experienced as well.

The Handbook of Sailing
This very comprehensive book covers any topic you can think of in basic and advanced sailing.

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