Special offers

Charters are discounted for various reasons. Longer bookings save work, and should be rewarded. Early bookings help plan the season, and are therefore motivated through early booking discounts. Of course, early bookings have the added benefit of being able to choose exactly the yacht you want, where and when you want it.

However, late comers take what is still available and help fill the gaps. That is helpful too. The same goes for those special one way charters, where it is now customary to give a client a discount to bring the yacht to its next location, rather than paying an employee to move it.

Sailing holidays are highly addictive. Truth be told, staying any one place can seem pretty boring for those accustomed to the freedom of roaming in comfort on board their own yacht. This means that a high percentage of our business comes from returning customers. They should be rewarded too.

Finally, sometimes you just need to provide that extra incentive to book at a particular time or destination.

What to expect

There are times when no discounts are available, of course. But typically, the early booking discount is 5-10%, two weeks or more of sailing is another 5%, and being a previous client is another 5%. Seasonal discounts can be anywhere from 5% to (very rarely) 25%, while last minute or transport charters can be 10% - 50% below the normal rate.

However, you should be aware that usually not all discounts are combinable. Except for transports of one week or less, bigger discounts than 20% are rare. But they are not unheard of, and we will always know the best deals. As they change all the time, they will not be found here, but in our Newsblog.

Finally, a warning. Searching or bargaining for the lowest possible price on any particular yacht is the recipe for a holiday disaster, as it will frequently lead you to the most desperate, least reputable provider. Don't gamble with the precious holiday time of your family or friends. We will not.